Best Way to Target Rural India – Digital Marketing Strategy for Rural Market in India

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Best Way to Target Rural India – Digital Marketing Strategy for Rural Market in India

With the economic development in India, several new businesses and markets get introduced now and then. They all try their best to promote their business in every sector. With regular rural developments, companies try to reach the rural market and attract buyers.

So, rural marketing has become an essential aspect of marketing to improve the business. Check out the best ways to target Rural India.

What Is Rural Marketing

Rural marketing is a part of marketing that involves various strategies to attract and encourage consumers in rural areas to purchase the product. Around 70 percent of the Indian population comes under the rural market. And the economy of most of the rural sectors is agriculture based.

Rural marketing helps provide the farmers, retailers, and distributors with the best and most reasonably priced products and makes them aware of the right product.

From agrochemical products, pharma products, automobile parts, technological products, and machines used in agriculture to the goods of daily use, the rural sector is a big market for companies to promote their products in the rural market. With the increasing population and development in infrastructure, rural marketing has become necessary for such companies to sell their products.

Strategies For Rural Marketing

There are several strategies for rural marketing that a company can follow:

  • Telecom services- By calling and giving the details of products through telecom services is also a way of rural marketing.
  • Shop branding- Shop branding is the advertising of the product nearby the retail shop and inducing the customer to buy a particular product. 
  • Van marketing- This is a common practice for marketing in rural areas where a van goes to different places with a recorder spreading the brand’s samples and images.
  • Digital marketing- It involves marketing through the use of the internet to the masses.

Out of different marketing strategies, rural digital marketing is the best option to be applied in modern times.

Digital Marketing Strategy For Rural Market In India

A Digital Marketing strategy is the best way to target potential customers in the rural market and to build transparency between the buyer and the company. Traditional marketing is time-consuming, expensive, and tiring while digital marketing for rural markets introduces the product directly to its potential buyer. 

With the development in Indian rural sectors, internet use is also increasing rapidly. According to a report, around 48% of people use the internet daily 83% of users use the internet monthly. Then, why not reach your customer through the internet!!

Rural Digital Marketing

Rural digital marketing involves many ways to reach potential buyers- farmers, automobile owners, spare parts retailers, and others. The companies can try a few or all the methods. 

  • Facebook/Instagram- The simplest method of rural marketing is to create a page on FB or Instagram and reach your target consumers by advertising your products.
  • Website- One of the most effective digital marketing techniques is to create a website for your company where you can add blogs or articles describing your product. With the use of SEO, you can rank at the top in search engines also.
  • Whatsapp- You can also use Whatsapp messaging or status to display your products to the consumers who are in direct contact with you.
  • Influencers- With the help of influencers, companies can generate videos on social media to describe your brand and create a brand following.

Thus you can rule the rural market and develop a healthy relationship with buyers. Digital marketing also helps to be in touch with consumers and improve accordingly.

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